"I AM, the most powerful words in your personal vocabulary, for what you choose after them will become your reality"



Nursing....  The career path that demands you to live in scrubs, work overtime, go without sleep, keep you from peeing and drinking fluids but has you cleaning them, and gives you a sense of humor that only your co-workers will be able to relate to without thinking you are crazy, sometimes any who;-)  

If you can relate to one or more descriptions above than you may be a nurse and I want to officially welcome you to one of the most rewarding and yet sometimes frustrating careers available to us. 


A little about me.


I have worked in ICU's and ER's for most of my career path since 1998.  I have been an ACL's and PAL's instructor.  I have also worked in Med Surg, physician's offices, GYN, OR, and Nursing Homes.  My career path throughout the years changed as my kids grew up because to most of us, having a career and a family takes some talent and flexibility.  


I have to say that being adaptable for me as a nurse has served the lifestyle I had to lead and helped to sharpen my assessment skills throughout my career.


The many changes throughout my career have allowed me to meet many nurses who like me struggled with finances, self-care, and prioritizing a life outside of work.  The struggles I experienced along with my coworkers inspired me to put together this website.

If you are looking for a place for an inspiring quote, occasional humor, a supportive network, free information, and some cool nursing gifts, you found your place. 


I hope you enjoy the blog posts, jokes, and quotes as much as I enjoy posting them. I am glad to meet you and I can't wait to share with you what I am up to these days.

Here's to us nurses who always work more than 12 hours, have cried and laughed together overwork or our personal lives and can function with little to no sleep when we have to. 


My goal is to provide you with tools and information so that your long days at work become meaningful and worthwhile.

Cheers to us!








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