How To Give Fear & Change a Wink!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

                                                      Embrace Vulnerability



 If you ever had to change anything in your life and felt afraid, scared or a little aprehensive, you are not alone.


You know that fear we feel when we meet a new person, apply for a new job, venture into creating a business, exposing ourselves, feeling vulnerable,  those fears and aprehensions are normal, it is the way we handle those defining moments that will utimately determine the outcome of our lives.


So how do you muster the courage to see Change coming your way and simply choose to give it a Wink!


Here are 3 Sure Fire Ways to see Change, Feel the Fear, give it a Wink and Peak your ability to Do It Anyway.


1. Dare To Change- Change begins on the inside, often times we wish things were different, wish we had better jobs, relationships, outcomes, exposure and instead of taking the necessary internal leeps and steps we complain. 

Don't waste your time and energy on regret, negativity or fear. Decide that judement, criticism and negative feedback will not be the factor that determines your choices. Dare to take the necessary steps and take a risk, decide to create and be the Change.


2. Smell The Fear and Give it a Good Wink! Fear is part of the deal, when trying anything new, creating change in business and life feeling fear is normal, learn to feel the fear, give it a wink and do it anyway.  Your Greatest adventures, achievements and success are found on the other side of fear.


3. The Cost of Staying The Same- The only question when tackling new ideas, approaches, creations and essentially anything that makes us feel vulnerable or exposed should be, what will this cost me if I choose to stay the same?  


Next time you see a challenge, change coming at you, or anything that gives you that little creepy thing of feeling scared to take action, give it a good WINK and Do It Anyway.




                                                                                  Dare To Be Great


                                                                                                    XOXO <3




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