Why overpaying can be a Bargain

Tuesday, February 23, 2016








I want to overpay for every purchase I make, said no one ever.  Right?


Ladies, I'm sure we can relate when I say, 50 percent off, on discount, or finding that one bargain that can make us feel utterly close to a shopping buzz or an exhilarating blizz of excitement.


We each want to get a bargain in life, an easier way to achieve, get more spend less, save money, makes sense when purchasing something at a store.


We purchase with the intent to receive something in return.  In business and in everyday interactions, life does not work quite that way.  When we give always expecting something in return do we trully give? and does the quality of our giving than play off on our work, our lives and essentially our surroundings?


Here are 3 Sure Fire Ways to overpay in business and life and still get a bargain.



1. Be The Change- don't expect others to be nice, kind, fair or giving to you, choose to be what you wish others would be.  Expect your best to receive your best and choose to come from a place of service versus a place of what's in it for me.


2. Build on Quality- The amount of time spent on building let that be personal relationships or business is not as important as the quality of time spent doing exactly those things. 


I could be sitting with my son or daughter at a table on my phone, while worrying about a million other things FRAZZLED or I can choose to put it all aside and simply have dinner. 


The Quantity of time required on those scenarios is exactly the same, however the Quality is not. 




3. Over Pay- Choose to overpay on your relationships, business, interactions and don't forget to overpay yourself.  You are just as important as the people you wish to serve, and one can never serve from an empty vessel.


The business and people we most admire have something to teach. 


Can you think of a business or friend who made you feel welcomed, appreciated and made you want to interact with them more?


Over pay on those things that are important to you and reap the benefits.


Now that is a bargain worth feeling Warm and Fuzzy over.


                                                                    Dare To Be Great





                                                                                           XOXO <3







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