3 Quick Ways to Fire Your Blah Days!

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Do you ever have those days where you just run out of creativity, ideas, options or you feel like nothing goes your way?


I know I have.


I had those days and weeks I simply lost my MOJO! I could not for the life of me type a sentence, write a poem, continue with my books and questioned why I even chose to do what I do today.   In those moments where my BOOST wast more like a SNOOZE, I wondered where in space am I going to find the OOMPH to keep going?


Regardless of where you loose your MOJO, let that be business or life, we all have those days where we simply don't want to, care to or feel like we can achieve anything other than been stressed and at a loss.


Here are 3 Sure Fire Ways to BOOST your stamina and stay on the productive side of life.


1. Nothing Lasts Forever- Nothing lasts forever unless we give it life.  The more you focus on problems, overwhelming activities or unfinished tasks, the more your stress level increases and the less productive and inspired you become. 

Take action and fold the towel, don't throw it, allow yourself time to crash, regroup and refocus.


Here are a few tips that may allow your thoughts to shift from OMG to a mind that is more clear and capable of achievement.

                    a.) focus on a plan of action, not problems, shift your approach

                    b.) write down your goals and check them off as you achieve

                    c.) Prioritize from most to least important and get to work




2. Focus on Progress- Our minds will automatically focus on the things we choose to focus on.  Problems will be there, they are part of life, solutions will be available if we simply choose to see them parallel to anything we face.


3. Take Some Time Off- Remove yourself and simply snuff it and take some time for yourelf.  You can choose to talk to some friends, watch and read inspiring content, watch a comedy on tv, talk to your significant other, or treat yourself to an acitivity you enjoy. 


Time off a task or problem is just as important as spending time trying to Make your BLAH! days better.  When you get back at it you may find yourself with a refreshed mind and some new ideas.




I can tell you that since I chose to simply adapt a different approach and mindset to anything I faced, my BLAH days became moments in time and my Boost days more available and on time.


"Many people identify their sense of self with the problems they have, or think they have."


Eckhart Tolle




                                                                  Dare To Be Great


                                                                  XOXO <3





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