3 Surefire ways to create opportunity

Tuesday, March 1, 2016




What keeps you going?


Have you ever had those embarrassing or uncomfortable moments in life where people make fun of your dreams, goals or vision for your personal future?


I know I have.


I had plenty of times where I had doubts about my work or mission in life from external and internal chatter.  We each wrestle with the occasional doubt, fear or question of are we good enough, smart enough, capable enough, am I even good enough?


I am here to tell you, YOU are.


Here are 3 Sure Fire Ways to get you through the day when those moments in life appear and how to turn those moments from potential life choices into a moment in time.


1. Know Your Why- It is very important to be clear on your why.  When we understand our why, we can proceed with our mission, work and essentially our day.  It does not mean obstacles will not be present in any particuar form, it means we can achieve in spite of having those moments, because now we understand they are part of the package.


2. Look for Leaders- We are the average of the people we surround ourselves with.  Stop for a moment and take a look at who and what you listen to.  Is your focus on those who encourage or those who belittle your dreams, goals and mission for your present and future?


We each have moments in time when we are not the most encourging, positive or best leader, furthermore  understanding this, will allow us to understand those moments when we don't hear great things about ourselves.


Leaders are not perfect untouchable individuals, they are leaders because they understand the steps required to overcome fear, doubt and internal or external dialogues about what it takes to become a leader in business and life and chose to continue.


Leaders are not born, they are made.


Choose to focus on those moments of Leadership and create those moments. The more you choose to embrace that lifestyle the more it will become automatic.


3. Keep going- Breakthroughs in business and life never happen when you stop, they take place when regardless of fear or obstacles you simply keep going.


Do you have any suggestions or ways you have found that keep you going in the direction of your dreams, goals and vision for your life and business?


I would love to hear from you.


"Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness."

Napoleon Hill


Learn to give your challenges in business and life a wink, do it anyway and make sure your worst critic does not live within.


Know your why, look for leaders and keep going.








                                                        Dare To Be Great

                                                         XOXO <3












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