Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, You Better Rest too.

Monday, January 23, 2017


"You can be a good mom and still work out, get your rest, have a career-or not. My mother encouraged me to find that balance."

                                                             Michelle Obama




So, you have your list of Goals you want to achieve this year, you have your a plan of action implemented, day in and day out, work, feed the kids, give the dog a treat, rush to cook dinner, work again, attend school functions, spend time with family, exercise, overtime, work again, it's a wonder you have time to take a shower, sleep or even sit for a few minutes and enjoy time, by yourself.

Grind, right? that's the point of success?


So how do you make time to create the life you want if you find yourself pulled in so many directions as most of us do in today's day and age.


Well, you can decide to work Smarter and be more Productive.


Did you know that rest, doing leisure activities and time away from your work is just as important as the daily Grind?


See the slogan says Grind with Purpose.


Yes, work is important, but all work and no play or rest well it's brutal. 


Not only is rest important for your productivity at work and your ability to make sound decisions important to your interactions both at work and at home, rest allows you the ability to come back refreshed, ready to be productive and present in each task you perform.


Working in Blocks of time will allow you to achieve the highest productivity per task while still having time to rest, play and enjoy doing something fun versus something you have to do.


One way you can manage your time is to dedicate a specific amount of time each day to your most important tasks. 


For Example:


Challenge yourself and look at it this way, 20 min a day equals to 140 min a week, giving you roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes a week of time to do whatever task you wish to accomplish and create something that is important to you including rest.


This equates to exactly 2 hours and 20 minutes of nonproductive time if you choose to do nothing, of course, you can adjust the times above to create more or less time, you get my point.

This principle works the same to manage time spent in doing those tasks that will create a revenue for your business, a healthier body, a meaningful relationship, write the book you always wanted to write, you get my point.  When you value your time, by taking charge of it, my friend you create value in your life and in turn this will affect your interactions, reactions, self-esteem, mood, ability and productivity.


My Challenges this year were to attend the gym more often and exercise, take the time to create a blog for my readers every Monday along with a video, find time for my family and friends and become involved in the community to provide support and give back. 


I can say that creating those blocks of time for myself have allowed me to achieve all of the above within the first month of this year.


Separating your life with blocks of productive time at work or at home will provide you with less stress and the ability to be fully engaged, present, mentally, physically and emotionally available for each and every task throughout the day.


Define your clarity, create a plan of action and reach your goals every day, you don't have to be perfect, but you do have to get started and your talents and abilities are worth it.


Oh Yeah! and don't forget to unplug, sleep and rest your body, if you don't take the time to respect your body and mind than who will.                                                     



 January 21st, 2017  Women's March in Chicago, Washington, US and across the Globe.
















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