Life is not always fair, do it anyway.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Letters to my Daughter,


Life is not fair, we may hear no more than once in order to achieve something in life.  We may take our no's and struggles as a moment to complain or a moment to reflect.


As women, we should be able to say NO without apologies or guilt.  We should say NO we may not be disrespected, no I don't want to do that right now, No I need some time to myself.  No is not a bad word, it is an opportunity to claim your space and reflect.


No is also a word we may hear when seeking opportunities in business and life.  No may mean you are not ready or they are not ready for what you have to offer.  My message to you is that you take those moments to reflect and not condemn.  A time to soul search will give you far greater insight into your priorities, opportunity, and life than to sit back in silence and feel inadequate.


As women, we perhaps have heard the word no when it comes to career opportunities more so than our male counterparts, but women I say to you this is not the time to sit back and accept the status quo.  These are the moments in time to stand up and reclaim and affirm our space, through intellect and talent and not through complaining, blaming, nor shaming another including ourselves.


We may hear No more than once, but remember that the greatest achievers heard that same word, both male, and female, the difference among those who chose to give up versus those who chose to continue is evident on the accomplishment we read.


Without history we would have no reference, so read into the past of those women who chose to step into their power and purpose, learn from their experience, turn to the women already on the same path and learn, look into the future to envision what you wish to create.  Learn from your mistakes, be accountable 100% for your life, and create.


No, life is not fair, to any of us, but do it anyway, because life awaits on the other side.



                                                                                                              XOXO <3




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