Feel The Fear, Wave, and do it anyway

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


In letters to my daughter, I discuss 12 scenarios of encouragement and empowerment for your personal success and advancement in business and life.


It is a memorandum of 12 things that as women and girls we may face or fear and how to cope with each and every one of them. 


Fear is one of those mental things that can either motivate us to conquer or fall back in thinking of what could have, would have, should have but didn't. 



As women and girls our appearances are often judged before our intellect but never allow your physical appearance to limit your potential in life.  


In life you may wonder, am I skinny enough, tall enough, short enough, did I put enough makeup on, did I look good enough, am I talented enough, am I prepared enough.


The comparison is the biggest thief of our ability to succeed, it creates an unrealistic fear that if not kept in check becomes a self-created obstacle in business and life.


I am here to tell you I have faced those fears personally and professionally, but the paradox of such fears was that every time I chose to be raw and vulnerable about what I was bringing to the table, the more I realized what I looked like or what I heard was secondary to the ability to be brave and simply make the decision to face everything every single time, regardless of the circumstances.


You don't have to be perfect, you may feel like you fall behind at times, you may have days where you are not at your best, you may have many moments of doubt, but those should be moments.  


It is in those moments that you will shape your personal courage and strength to show up in the world as the person you wish to be.


Fear should never define you, be brave and define yourself.




                                                    Grind With Purpose

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