The Words you tell yourself create your reality.

Monday, March 6, 2017

 "Words mean more then what is set down on paper.  It takes the human voice to infuse them with meaning."

Maya Angelou


Maya Angelou explained it best when she described words as those things that will climb into your furniture, your walls, your surroundings, and finally into you.


I can't say it is something you can literally see, words that climb and crawl around your living space, metaphorically, however, they do create the environment and your life.


Your words should build your life, those around you, the people you interact on the daily, surround yourself with like-minded people and you will be influenced to become or learn from those people.


It is always good to remember that hurt people hurt people, and in the same token, healthy people influence your personal growth and health.

The best part about those two scenarios is that although we may have to work and interact with both, it is up to you where most of your energy and time is spent.


Did you know that you had to learn limiting patterns of behavior?  


You were not necessarily born with them, your current beliefs were learned and developed over time, in the same token if you want to develop a more productive way to live and create, you must be patient and develop over time.


You don't have to be perfect, but you definitely must get started, so let's do an overview of 4 Sure-Fire Ways to implement words, mantras, habits, and purpose grounded in meaning into your life in order to achieve and bring to fruition your goals, dreams, and aspirations.


1.  You must keep in check your negative speech patterns and internal voice.  Everything begins within and in order for you to realize your potential, you must first influence the one person that will make the greatest influence in your life, YOU.


2.  Identify each interaction as an individual.  So much baggage is carried from past experiences and failures robbing you from the present.  These can stem as far back as childhood.  Each interaction and situation in the present moment should be from a fresh perspective and with the belief that there is always something to learn.  Expectations are blocks in the ability to communicate and interact.  


3.  Make the purposeful intention to seek resources, books, podcasts, influences that resonate with your ability to create progress without changing the core of who you are.  A  teacher should allow you to develop your strengths and not change who you are.  The ability to change habits does not equate to changing your culture, identity or who you are at the root of your core.  I have learned from many cultures, never having to change who I am at the center of me.  You have something unique to bring to the table as much as the next person, be you.



4. You have no excuses for the inability to create words or patterns that serve your higher purpose, goals, vision and ability to achieve.  You parents, coworkers, your family and otherwise may not be supportive, but you don't have to fire them, maybe temporarily but not eternally.   What you do have to do is take 100% accountability for your thoughts and actions and not be hard on yourself and others as much as possible.  Set boundaries and know everyone speaks from their level of understanding and education, that is okay, we are each a student at one point or another, to this day, I am always learning.  Your job is to focus on you and create the life you wish to live.


When you know better do better, it's that simple.  It takes practice and you don't have to be perfect, it will be with errors and mistakes, so be patient, courageous and always brave. 


Can you imagine if you simply applied yourself and learned a new pattern of behavior?  







                                   Grind With Purpose










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