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Monday, March 20, 2017




"Accept then act, whatever the present moment brings accept it as if you had chosen it, always work with it, not against it."

Eckhart Tolle


Are you still resentful, angry, bitter, unhappy, or stressed about a potential future event or past experience, if so my friend you suffer from a condition called, living with Imaginary baggage.


The cure, learn to live in the present moment.


What in the world is Imaginary Baggage?



Let me explain.


Imaginary baggage is the need of our little gremlin called ego that wants us to always be right.  I am right at holding on to this anger and bitterness, they did wrong on me after all, I am stressed, I don't know if I'll get the job so I have the right to feel that way, I can be unhappy all day, they just about ruined my whole day.  


Really?  Does somebody really have the power to influence you that much?  


Imaginary baggage is something that prevents us from living in the present. It can keep us from authentic happiness, understanding, compassion, acceptance, networking, family, friends, jobs, future clients, and essentially anything that would give you a higher quality of life.  


Who wouldn't want to live like that?


So how do you let go of Imaginary Baggage and learn to finally embrace the present moment?  


You see expectations are blocks in the ability to live each moment in the present.  It is very important to let go of expectations that are tide to a past or present experience.  


It does no mean you don't have vision, goals, and a plan of action for the future.  It means you approach each task and experience with a fresh pair of eyes, under the understanding and open mind that there is always something to learn and develop from.


The past is a place of reference, not a residence, the future is a place for goals, vision, outcome creation, but the only true, honest, raw, relevant place where the actual magic sauce happens is always in this moment.  


We create the future in the present, we learn from the past in the present.  You get my drift.


Next time you find yourself in the corner of ego, past gremlin avenue and the oh so dreaded imaginary baggage that wants to dampen your mojo.


Think not once, but twice about giving it more time and credit than necessary, take a deep breath and realize, the only true, honest, raw and real thing that is true.  

Is the present moment.


                              Grind With Purpose

                              XOXO <3




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