The Secret Sauce to Conquering any  F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real

Monday, April 10, 2017



False Evidence Appearing Real


"If you want to conquer fear, don't seat home & think about it. Go out & get busy."


Dale Carnegie 


You know all those things you were afraid to try, say or do?  You should go out there and do them, here's why.


When is the last time you vacationed to an unexpected location? Asked someone out for a date? Published a book you always wanted to publish or tried out for the job you always wanted to get?  


How about simple but important things like, getting in shape, feeling better about yourself or towards another, creating more joy & vibrancy in your life?


If you tried & failed, how many times did you actually fail before calling it quits?


Did you know Jack Canfield attempted to publish one-hundred & forty plus times before he was actually able to publish, Thomas Edison had to try at least 10,000 times before creating the light bulb, & so many other so called "famous failures."


The secret sauce is to aim to be a Famous Failure. 


That's right, you cannot say you tried & failed if you only tried once, or twice or a few times for that matter.  Oprah, Steve Jobs, Spielberg, Steven King, J.K. Rowland, all famous failures, yep each one of them. 


My goal is to be a famous failure, because if I know there is something I really desire I understand it takes practice, patience & action, it takes surpassing the fear of failure, being wrong or vulnerable.  


I have learned so much more from doing than I ever have from just thinking about it & never implementing anything. 


The goal should be to learn, think & do. 


Take action that scares you, do things that make you feel uncomfortable, vulnerable, raw, because those are the exact things that can help you grow, that may free your mind, release your inhibitions and literally show you what you are made of.


Feel the fear & do it scared.


If you succeed celebrate if you don't, learn.


It really is that simple.


Hey, if Brad can make it in a Pollo Loco suit,  I am sure,  Si Se Puede/Yes We Can.



Grind With Purpose 👑





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