Your Focus Is Your Key to Success

Monday, June 19, 2017




It's mid month in June and I must confess, my plan was to have completed all editing and have my manuscript to the publisher by now.


Well guess what?  That did not go as planned. 


Between work, raising a son, taking care of a daughter, taking care of a house, taking vitamins for a summer cold, paying bills, and any other duty that comes up, I must confess I am slightly behind schedule.  


My challenge 


What shall I focus on?


I want to share with you a trick that always works for me, when life happens.  Yes, Life happens my friends and sometimes we don't arrive at our destination on time.  The best laid out plans can turn into one setback or challenge after another.


Here were my 3 choices.


1. Focus on all that I didn't get done on time, settle for inabilities and insecurities, decide this is too hard or too much for me to do, listen to the never ending noise as to why I didn't get a task as planned, fill my self with fear, anxiety, stress, and frustration.


2. Take time to rest and recover, than get back on the saddle.


3. Focus on all that I have accomplished, be thankful my family is healthy and alive, take vitamins, watch and increase my vegetables and fruit intake, take a few days of self care, go easy on the work and increase my rest and recover time, work in productive blocks of time. 


Can you guess what approach works the best?


You got it, number 2 and 3 work the best for me.


Your focus will always make a huge difference when taking on a task or challenge.  Your outcome will never be determined by the events, but it will always be defined by your reactions.


I want to invite you this week to pause and celebrate how far you come, to focus on practicing gratitude for all that you are and currently have, while you are working on your personal and professional success.


I want you to take the time to be engaged each and everyday with those things that raise your vibration and enjoy each and every moment of time and life.  


When driving your personal life and time, you can either be the passenger and watch life happen, or decide to be the driver and choose your destiny.


Your focus is your KEY to Success.


It really is that simple



Grind With Purpose

Success On Your Terms






                               XOXO 💞









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