3 Super Easy, Stupid Simple, Steps to Get You Out of Any Funk

Friday, July 7, 2017


Have you ever found yourself in a Funk? I don't mean Funky Town, that's a whole other awesomely wonderful subject 😉


I am talking about the Runty/Funk.  You know, the times when you feel BLAH, a mental block, at a loss, or just simply don't feel like you have enough passion, MOJO, and spark to find the joy & excitement you use to have on your projects and life.


Relationships in business & life can become quite monotonous & just plain Booorrring! 😝


If you had those days when you feel like life is just BLAH! This post is for you


Have no fears,


I am going to give you 3 Super Simple, Super Easy practical ways to put that Spark and MOJO back into your Funkelicious existence.  


The best part, they are so simple you can implement them any time, any where, any place.


You Ready, 😉 Here we go.


1. Take an Electronics Detox Day.  Wait, before you panic and experience withdrawals like an electronic crack addict, I want you to take a deep breath.   A long vacation is not necessary, unless it becomes an extreme necessity.  I want you to take a day or two of what I like to call, your personal Electro Detox Day.  


I like to call these moments, my moments of peace & unplugging.  I find them necessary to step away from work, distraction, news, and any influence that may give me one more thing to think, ponder, question, stress or fret about.  


This is a time for you to go get your nails done, visit with a friend, spend time with family.  The point is to become connected to the present moment and all your immediate surroundings instead of becoming disconnected from life.  


This experience will allow your mind a much needed rest, and you know what?  You can always record your favorite show, see the news the next day, wash the dishes some other time, reply to emails & phone calls later on the day.  


To disconnect is to reconnect with essence of you and what is important, this exercise will also help to clear your mind from the constant posts, clicks, comments, suggestions and any other potential distractions from presence.


2. Once you cleared your mind, decided whether you will spend time with family or caring for yourself, I want you to make plans to visit a place you have never visited before.  


This can be done with friends, family, or alone.  The point is to allow your brain to develop  pathways of knowledge beyond the monotony of everyday activities.  


Plan a romantic dinner with your love bug at a new restaurant or visit a place neither one of you has ever visited before.  Take your kids to a different park or plan a night of board games and family activities.  Visit the local museums or simply drive to a local state park for a leisure walk & picnic. 


How about you go out with your friends for a girls night out without a phone.  Selfies, okay but nothing else. 


This experience will allow your mind time away from mental blocks, monotony & routine.  Our brains become lackadaisical when we do the same thing Day in and Day out.


When our brains become use to seeing problems and mental blocks, a switch and spark to think differently will be enough to get your neurons to think outside the box, literally.  


This experience will also drive your mind into a different focus and direction sparking your creative juices & sauce. 


Salsa away and get Creative.💃🏻


3. With your new found rejuvenated stimulated brain, I want you to take a piece of paper and write down the most important tasks you want to complete in one week.  


Feeling Extra Brave and Rejuvenated? 


I want you to write your plans for the next six months to a year.  


Vision without a plan of action is wishful thinking and back to the Funk you go. 😝


In order to stay Funkelicious you need to include not only your projects and when you plan to complete them, let that be in the next week, months or year.  You also need to include your

Electro Detox Days of Fun, Excitement, and rest.  


Because all Work & No Play is like, well, rotten tomatoes or just another moment, stuck in the Funk.





Fun & Excitement should be part of your Agenda and Planning for your present & future.


                  XOXO 💋


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