Sort Your Compliments & Criticisms like a Laundry Pro in 3 Super Simple Steps

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Hello Friends and Family,🤗


So, you got out of your mid Year Funk, and decided that getting away from electronics was not so bad after all.  You had an opportunity to connect one on one with your friends, family, co workers and not an electronic device in site.  


Congratulations! WOOT WOOT!


You had an opportunity to ground yourself to your inner voice, your personal connection with spirit, and those around you.  You experienced a true authentic 1:1 connection with another human and most important, yourself.


A connection that is quite relevant & imperative when  facing difficulties


You leaped off that Roller Coaster and you are now riding that Ferris Wheel.  


You are practicing Gratitude with all your experiences, understanding that some are meant for celebration and some as a learning opportunity.


But what if those learning opportunities are beyond a simple lesson, what if it simply bytes you in the rear?  You may find yourself asking those questions. 


How about those days when everything seems to be on the uphill and you all of a sudden encounter a set back? 😱


This week we are going to talk about those "bad days," that byte you in the rear without notice, and how to continue to handle those pesky times when, well it simply Sucks!


I am going to share with you 3 Secret Sauce Ingredients on how to better handle those moments in time when you just can't get away and the Shitaky is going to hit the fan no matter what you do.


Rule Numero Uno. 


Never take anything personal, unless it's meant as a compliment.


In business and life we tend to be faced with difficult situations and experiences that can out right stink.  Criticism, suggestions, comments, and out right ill intentions should be put through a filter. 


I want you to separate words and experiences into 3 different columns. 


Think of it as sorting out your laundry or cleaning your closet.


You wouldn't want your shirts mixed with your pants, socks, or underwear.  You would find it much more difficult to sort out and find your clothes that way. 


In the same manner, your mental priorities and what you spend the majority of your focus on should be prioritized. 


Here's how I sort my personal mental laundry in order to keep the focus on what matters most.🏡


These Steps are Super Simple, Super Easy & you can put them into practice Anytime & Anyday. 


Column A.  Will be your Shitaky Pile


        Your Shitaky Pile are those comments, people or situations that you know are simply going to stink.  The moments in time where you can't avoid them, you can't hide in the closet, you don't have the option of not showing up, but guess what? 

You can choose to refuse to participate.  

That is right, your body is there but your mind and energy don't have to be.  This my friend would be the perfect time for you to turn into a zoombie and begin to put these clothes on the no longer fit me pile. 

You can't change people, but you can choose to refuse to participate in their issues, so don't take them personal.

You never know, they may be having a bad day too, once we choose to change our energy and reaction, which BTW is the only thing we have true control of, we may find out, some people and circumstance are actually not so bad.


Column B.  Will Be Your, That Shitaky Hurt, but you might be right.


          Ego aside, I am a true believer in trusting people who give it to me straight no matter how much I may not like hearing what they have to say.  There is a huge difference between an insult and constructive criticism.  Your job is to separate your personal laundry and figure out what that means for you.  I am always thankful for that constructive criticism no matter how much I may dislike hearing it because I know and understand it will only help me improve. 



Column C. Will Be Your, Major Laser Focus Pile


In this column are my friends, family, coworkers, and anyone I know I can count on any time Shitaky hits the fan, I have a bad day, I have a good day.  They are my Ride or Die friends.  This week I want you to take it a step ahead and Laser Focus that Ride or Die mentality and include yourself.  In order to be fully present and available you must be fully present and available to yourself first and foremost.  It's good to have those friends and people around you, but to have a friend is to be a friend. 


This is where self care is so important, because the more you value your personal time and self, the more people will value you as well.  


You do set the standards for how other's treat you so don't be afraid to raise the bar.  When all else fails on those Shitaky days, simply remember this mantra.


I will Never Take Anything Personal, Unless it is meant to grow, develop and compliment the life I am creating.


BTW, don't forget to enjoy the ride! 




 Grind With Purpose 








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