The Top 6 Juicy Details I learned while on vacation and why it matters to You.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

I recently took the time to take some time off and purposely unplug, experience life and let anything that remotely assimilates Shitaky, simply, apologetically, rightly so, SLIDE OFF. 


I had the opportunity to spend time with family, met up with a couple of friends, visited some bars and hangouts from my High School days, and some of my favorite places to eat.


I also took the time to venture into the unknown and do my very first, minimally overbooked road trip.  


My personal challenge was to steer away from planning every second of our trip with things to do and see, something I am known for doing.

Although traveling on the go can bring its challenges such as little rest or sleep, unplanned weather patterns, a puking child in the car, strife among passengers, aka family members, sun burns and the all so familiar, are we there yet.


I can say without a doubt, I was not disappointed in the least and I highly recommend it.


I saw places I had dreamed about visiting for years, I met wonderful amazing people, learned 

things about my family I found interesting including TMI moments. 


Through the humor and experience, I want to share my Top 10 observations from this incredible adventure, the juiciest part about it, you can apply some of these lessons, principles,  and experiences to your business and life.


Knowledge is everywhere when we choose to learn and listen.


Ready or not, these are my Top 6 takeaways from this amazing experience. 


1.  Effective communication is a key problem-solving solution.

Communication is a two-way streak and assumptions never lead to effective conversation, however clear communication creates results.  Listening is the numero uno QUEEN B of communication. When we listen, we hear beyond what is said.  Listen, Learn, Listen, Speak.  


2.  Different Roads can lead you to the same destination.

A path is never straight, no matter how "perfect" it appears on the surface.  I encourage you to be neither afraid nor discouraged.  Learn to Explore.


3. Pauses are essential to refuel


This one is a no brainer, if you don't have gas in your car, you can't go anywhere.  Your body and mind work the same way, if you don't pause and refuel, you can't be as productive or effective.


4. You cannot make everyone Happy so Stop trying, but you can still acknowledge their concerns.

When one person wanted a sandwich, the other wanted a burger, one wants a salad, the other fries, when one person wanted to pause at one place, the other wanted something totally different.  


My solution?  I went with the majority or simply communicated the first, second, and third stops while acknowledging the person who had to wait.  We cannot make everyone happy, but we can hear their needs and concerns and simply acknowledge their presence and voice.


5. Every person, community, and vacation spot has something to offer, however the experience is of most importance.


The way through a person's needs is when we listen to their wants.


I cannot word it any other way than through the wise words of Maya Angelou.  "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget what you made them feel."  

Are you making your customers and the people around you comfortable enough to be who they are?  


Your customers have something unique to bring to the table if you choose to acknowledge them as people.

I highly encourage you to get to know people, places, and things.


They have a gift that is unique just like you.  The best part about it, they will teach you something new if you are willing to listen.


We only come out of our shells when we are comfortable so be sure to acknowledge, listen, appreciate and empathize.  NO judging allowed. Period.


6.  Dare to try something New


Our 5 senses, touch, sound, taste, smell, and sight are stimulated with every new experience.  In need of inspiration or stimulation?


Try a New Food, place to visit, go out on a date to an unexpected location, take your family somewhere new. 


Why, because a break in routine can be just the spark and juicy flavor you needed in your life.


Who Knew floating Taquitos would be a hit some day.  Well here they are, a thriving business in El Paso and quite delicious I may add.  Innovation takes the risk, but it is worth the flavor if you know how to mix it up, have courage, and do it.


Make it Juicy


Grind With Purpose

Success on Your Terms








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