Create Wealth with Less, because Less is More

Friday, September 1, 2017


I went to a Yoga retreat this weekend at one of my favorite parks, Starve Rock in the IL area.  


If you are ever in the IL , I must say this place is a must stop.


Two hours away from the Chicago area is this wonderful and amazing park filled with walking trails, events, beautiful untouched nature sites, natural water falls, cabins, and camping sites. 


I must say it is the perfect setting for a yoga retreat, an escape from the hustle and buzel of city life, and the perfect place and setting to reconnect with nature and most important, yourself. 


I love cities, but if you are into nature and would love the experience of walking in the woods while admiring nature untouched, I highly recommend it.

I enjoyed the retreat as I was able to reafirm why living with less can be more.  


Clutter and Crap is what I like to call the things we have at home we don't need. 


I want you to look around your house, I bet you can point and find at least 7 items you no longer utilize.  We have decorations, dishes, clothes, and stuff.  We may think we need them, but do we make good effective use of them?


In the same form, our minds can be filled with clutter and crap we don't need.  The problem is we become so use to having clutter and crap we don't even realize it serves minimal if not no purpose in our lives.


We learn to clutter our minds from the time we are infants, "you can't do that, that's for boys, that's for girls, only rich people do that, your new idea is crazy, why would you do that, you are so dumb," on and on and on, the clutter and crap begins to build up.


This clutter and crap can become your personal and internal dialogue, and as we experience trials and tribulations, the clutter and crap best response is always, see I told you so. 


Misery loves company, clutter and crap.


No worries, not all is lost, because the best part about this, you can at any given time learn a new pattern and way of thinking.  You can spring clean your internal dialogue much in the same way you can minimize the clutter and crap around your house.


I can tell you from personal experience it has been one of the most liberating practices I have implemented in my life.  The freedom I began to experience has affected all areas of my life at a personal, financial, emotional, and physical level.


You don't know how much clutter and crap you carry until you begin to become aware of how it affects your life.


Why is it important to minimalize.



I can tell you from personal experience that


1.  I have more courage and less fear.

2.  I enjoy what I have, I mean truly enjoy it.

3.  I don't waste as much and recycle.

4.  I have so much less to care for and enjoy, quality time

5.  I save more money, so I have more cash to do what I love.

6.  I have more time available

7.  I don't worry as much


Who would not want to have more time and money on their hands, truly enjoy life, worry less, feel good from the inside out, and wake up every day exited or at least thankful each and every day for another day. 


Crazy not to.



Stay tuned, on my next blog post I will share with you a Crazy Simple exercise you can practice at home that will revolutinalize how you too can create space, quality time, money, and not feel like you are missing out.


Less is More.










                                                                                                                                 XOXO 💋



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