3 Super Simple Crazy Easy Steps to Clear the Crap and Clutter in your life, any day of the year.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I must admit one of my least favorite tasks is cleaning my apartment. 





I can find a million things I rather be doing any given day than sitting at home, cleaning and organizing.


Can you relate? Yes, I like most people would much rather be living & enjoying life. 🤗


But Alas, one must put in the work in order to enjoy life.  I however challenge you to work smart, not hard. 


I can tell you I feel 100 times better when I finally get around to getting this task accomplished.  My place smells wonderful, my mind is clear and I don't have to deal with junk and crap laying around my house, dirty dishes in the sink, piled up laundry, you know, the basics.


One of my favorite habits I have implemented in my life is to learn to minimalize.  I have found that the less I have the less I have to clean.  I only have to worry about having those items I truly appreciate within reach, my familly,  pictures, friends, my favorite tea set, a vase I was gifted.  


I don't have to wait until spring to spring clean, because I simply maintain what I already have and always question what I purchase.


I find that since I began to implement this in my life, I have more time to exercise and get that fitness certification I always wanted to get.  I eat healthier, I have more time to cook home made meals, fully enjoy vacation, friends, family, and I don't work as hard as I use to.  


Would you like to know, how you too can begin to clear some clutter, save money, make more money, and enjoy more quality in your life.


I am going to give you a 3 Step Crazy Simple approach to life that will Rock your personal cleaning and make a history lesson out of the clutter and crap in your life.


Life does not need to be complicated or full of crap and stuff, but life can be so much more fulfilling when you learn to appreciate quality versus quantity.




1.  Why do I need this and How does it serve my life? is a better question than, Why do I always do this and how is it I can't be better about it? 




Your questions should reafirm what you wish to create not create more doubts, worries, shame, or fear in your life.  A good question to ask of any item in your home as well as any thought that creeps into your existance that questions your progress should be confronted with productive questions and answers that create results.  


Think of it this way, would you like to have a lot of things you don't need and use or do you prefer to free your space & time to have quality & energy each & every day? 


One way to begin to clear your space and mind is to simply ask, why? Why do I need this and how will this truly serve my purpose and existance? 


You have one week to figure out if it's an item that serves you or a thought & affirmation that nourishes you.  


If you find it does not, it's time to get rid of that. 


Your negative affirmations are there for you to acknowledge & honor as a thought , but much like clutter & crap they serve no purpose other than to collect dust. 


Acknowledge, honor & release.





2.  If you are not utilizing it, is a waste of space, money, and time.

By when will I use this is a far better question than I may eventually need it?





Eventually, sometimes, maybe, but, are affirmations with no specific answer.


Your goal is to clear space not hold onto and store.


When you begin to release personal bondages, free yourself from clutter,and create empty space,  your first impulse will be to fill it right back up with stuff.  I highly encourage you to take some deep breaths and do nothing.


That's right, do nothing.


Habits are formed over time & if your goal is to clear your mind & space you need some time to make sure it will not be filled with the same old patterns of clutter & crap.  


Your body & mind are used to having stuff, even if it does not serve you, but the more you practice acknowledge & release, the better you will be at creating quality space in your life. 


The more you begin to learn how it feels to appreciate and make the most out of that clear space, the less you will tolerate a cluttered mind and life.



3.  When you obtain an item make sure it is usable, reusable, and long lasting.  


You would not want to build your house on unstable ground any more than you would want to pick up an item that will not serve you once you learn to clear clutter and crap.


When I purchase anything I ask these few simple to the point questions.


Is it usable, reusable, and long lasting, and is it a want or a need?  


A need for me is a for sure purpose, a want is always a questionable purchase.


Keep in mind the same thought process can be applied to how you approach life, the way you interact and build relationships, and how you manage your personal time.


In order to get the most out of your days, you wouldn't want to waste your mind and time on mediocre thoughts that don't grow you as a person or individual at a personal or professional level.


When you purchase an item, or develop quality effective thoughts, you wouldn't want something that breaks the next day any more than you want negative affirmations or people to downgrade your potential.


Most important, be patient and encouraging to those on the same journey called life, no two paths are the same and each journey is a very personal task.


Now that you know my Super Simple Crazy Tips to clearing the Crap and Clutter and creating quality in your life.


All I have to say is, happy cleaning and clearing, pausing, purging those negative affirmations.


Happy Quality Shopping and Effective Productive Time Management.

Grind With Purpose 





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