How to get comfortable with Change....

Monday, September 25, 2017

Change how I loathe thee!  ;-) 


If this is you and you are one of those people that just can't get themselves to embrace, like, adjust, or even stomach change.  This article is definitely for you.


I am going to talk to you this week about the importance of embracing change and how you too can become a master of your time and creativity in order to flourish.


Change is one of those pesky things for people that seems to either propel them to the next level or keep them stuck in the same place.


In Master Your Time and Become Highly Productive: 12 Habits that Will Make or Break You, I go more into depth as to how change has created the biggest obstacles and greatest opportunities in my life.


If there is one thing I have learned throughout my career and life is that people who are flexible about changes and their approach tend to do much better in the long run than those who have a difficult time adjusting to any change at all.


I say again for the long run, because when you are busy creating and moving forward with your business and life you don't want to create momentum that is short lived.  If you are going to put in the effort, the momentum you create should be a long term ordeal.  


How do you keep your stamina, motivation, and ability to continue through the changes?


I am going to list a couple of tips you can learn and teach you how to adjust your sails like a ship captain.  I want you to be the captain, you are not a sailor, and when the winds of change come hitting your boat, you know how to better handle your Ship.


1.  Always, Always expect change.


Change is not good or bad, it's a given.   People change and so do their ability to stay engaged, the way to adjust your sail is to simply listen to your audience.  What are they into, what are they looking for, what are their concerns?  Products, services, relationships, love, affection, actually a lot of things are about the other person or people you are serving not so much about you.  Sorry to burst your bubble if you are one of those people, but people do business and life with people they can get to know and trust.  


2. Learn from Change


You begin to notice your sales are not doing well, your family is not as engaged and present as before, your husband is distant or perhaps bored.  Ask yourself this simple question, what can I do to improve or stay current with the changes? 


I see people and brands sometimes resort to spending all their time and fruitless effort on hating or trying to down grade the other brand by bad mouthing and all that gets you is to have the other brand be noticed, and it shows your character.  


Even that gets old and although it may get some shot term results over the long haul it will not be a lasting legacy. You must ask yourself, are you building a lasting legacy or a short term gain? So, instead of becoming the nagging wife or family member, or the brand that spends effort on criticizing the other, what about spending more time on your own ship.  


Think about happy couples you admire, or businesses and products you enjoy.  What do you like about them? What is it that you admire about their dynamics? What emotions do they create within you? 


Change is not always a bad or a good thing.  When we give it a label of bad or good we are already predicting results.  I want to challenge you this week to adjust the way you see change.

A better way to word change would be in terms of benefits and risks.  


Benefits and Risks allows you to evaluate and think through the changes in comparison to the terms good or bad that defines the change itself and gives you little or no room to analyze.


How do you handle the changes in your life?  Do you step up to the challenge or do you sit back and complain, shame, blame, or do nothing?


I can assure you the people who step up are the ones that reach their goals, dreams, aspirations, and personal success.


We connect emotionally & change may not be a bad thing if it's going to get you where you need to be. You simply have to rethink how you see it.  


You too can develop the skills necessary to Challenge any change like a pro and develop the mind set of creating momentum through change. 


You too can be the captain of your own SHIP.


La Bamba Style ;-)


Please leave your comments and suggestions on how you handle your Ship.  The more you communicate the better others can engage with you. 


Stay tuned for Masters of TIME where you will be able to engage and share with others in the community working on better managing their time and life.


Have an amazing start to your week and remember, you can handle your SHIP, if you simply adjust your sails.  :-)





























                               XOXO <3


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