Momentum & Consistency the perfect marriage and why it's important to you.

Monday, October 2, 2017




I am working on Next Year's projects and the top 10 goals I want to achieve next year. 🤗


Say what? It's October and we are talking about next year's goals already?  


Yes, my friends & family, it is not quite New Year's but then again, I never did believe in New Year's resolutions.


I believe in momentum & consistency.


So, on today's post I am going to talk to you about how you too can get ahead of the crowd, concentrate & focus on creating momentum & consistency.  


Momentum & Consistency are like the perfect marriage.  They go well together when one is slow the other picks up the beat a little, and once you get in the flow, it just seems to roll.


I want you to not allow another year to pass you by without creating & reaching for those goals you truly want to achieve.


Starting today I want to encourage you to take a piece of paper out and start writing down your top 10 or 20 goals you want to achieve by the end of next year, that gives you roughly 14 months to succeed counting this month if you start today 15. 



You may take 2 months to prepare & clear your vision, one month to plan & write, and that will still give you 12 months or 365 days to get to work.  


If you are one of those people that has to have a New Year's Resolution that is okay, you can begin to plan & map your way, get your backpack ready & begin to create momentum. 


You want to get ahead of the crowd? why not plan this week and begin next week? You will be ahead of everyone else waiting for one more year to get started.


Your Goals can be as crazy as someone else may think they are or as simple as you want them to be.  


They are your goals, your life, and not somebody else's.


I want to encourage you to go for crazy goals, to get out of your comfort zone & write down exactly what you want to achieve.


You have your goals & you have your time frame, by next year.  


The point of writing & beginning this early is to begin to shift your mind into planning & action versus thinking & wishing.


We don't get in life what we wish or think about.


While affirmations & thoughts are the beginning of changing habits & a very crucial part of having the ability to create habits of success, the action is still the breadwinner.


Thinking & wishing is a start, but action will take you to the next level.  


Momentum & Consistency require affirmations, clear Vision, and a plan of action.  


Once you know where you are going & what you want to create, how you see yourself by next year, what your goals are, the how will begin to work itself.


You will begin to train your mind to seek resources, learn and hang out with people that think alike, and begin to create the personal changes & adjustments necessary to create your personal Flow.


Momentum & Consistency are your legacies and your ticket to begin created those habits that will once and for all allow you to Master Your Time and Become Highly Productive.


You too can create Success on your terms, all you have to do is start planning. 


In Masters of Time, we will dive into brainstorming a plan of action and how you can better create the habits in your life to create results.


You will also learn how to get passed those inevitable bumps on the road in order to keep your momentum.


Next year let it be the year you don't wish and think another day or Live one more year sitting back while you see others doing what you always wanted to do. 


Better Yet, Begin Today.


Happy Planning! 





                          XOXO 💋




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