All Work and no play is Not mastering your time, that's called slavery 😝

Monday, October 9, 2017



Hello, Hello, Friends and Family, it is awesome to see and talk to you this week.  I have kept myself  busy working on the goals and projects I want to complete by the end of this year and what I want to get started and going come January 1st. 


I am very excited to be introducing some products and of course my labor of work, my first book, Master Your Time and Become Highly Productive: 12 Hours that Will Make or Break You. 


I can picture it now, the first time this book hits the shelves. I find myself in Barnes and Nobel and Amazon, and as the book gets out on the market, the lullaby plays exactly the same as it does in the hospital every time a baby is born.  


Yes, this has been for me a similar experience to being pregnant and delivering a baby.  


It is time-consuming and so rewarding, and to me, well worth the effort. 


It has taken time, consistency, labor pains, and dedication to get this project started and see it come to life from beginning until the book actually hits the shelves and into the reader's hands.


In this week's post, I simply want to take the time to pause, be thankful and encourage you to do the things that make you come alive.


As you work on your goals and what you want to achieve in the coming years, I want to encourage you to also remember to pause and smell the Roses.


Go out for lunch, go for a walk, enjoy life, talk to your neighbor, call your mother, spend time with your family, talk to a stranger, turn your phone off, your work, and simply enjoy the present moment.


The time you take to ground yourself is just as important as going on Beast mode to crush your goals during the week. 


While editing Chapter 10, I paused for a moment and reflected on how managing your time can make a difference in feeling fulfilled in your personal life.  


In this chapter, we dive into talking about your to keep list.  The list of things that everyone should have on their schedule.  The to keep list is the list of things that are just as, if not more important than your busy life.  


Your to keep list is composed of your friends, family, your spa day, a day to pamper yourself. 


Your personal relationships are a huge part of truly becoming a Master of your time.




Today when my son and I went for a walk, I can't say I regret pausing to take a walk and eat dinner, to spend a few moments even if it was for a few, away from the hustle and bustle, from the calendars, work, demands, and distractions.  


It was nice to put my computer away, look away from the dishes, the house cleaning, take a break to enjoy a moment with my son taking a walk and having dinner.


I am a true believer of saying NO in order to say YES to the things that matter most in your life.  


I have said no to over scheduling myself at the cost of my family & friends.  I can't say I feel as if I am sacrificing time or missing out on anything. I simply have learned that Quality Time is truly far more effective than Quantity.


Mastering your time is knowing that you will have a specific amount of time to not only achieve your professional goals but your personal goals as well.


You have to have someone to enjoy all of your successes with right? 


I want to encourage you to make a list of personal goals you want to achieve that will reward you with internal fulfillment.


I like to refer to these moments as, Soul Food.


My list usually consists of making time to visit my daughter, spa days, wine tasting with friends, spending time with my son, going on vacation without a schedule to spend time with family and friends.  


Your Soul Food moments can be as simple as a walk in the park or something that would require a little more time & plan such as a vacation or a weekend



I encourage you to begin writing, working, and applying that to keep list into your daily routine.


The rewards of your hard work can be best enjoyed when you are not overtired, stressed, or overwhelmed.   


Happy planning & be sure to include fun & excitement into your to keep list.  ;-)


               XOXO 💋








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