Slay the Negativity in Your Life in 5 Super Simple Steps.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Talking about last week's post on the importance of your ability to say NO to the ordinary in order to say yes to the extraordinary in your life had me thinking.


I can think of another subject that goes right along the lines of the importance of your resounding NO.


A resounding no to the negativity in your life is so important.  It can be the difference between your ability to succeed or not, to draw boundaries or continue to tolerate what you don't like about your life. 


Think of the word HATERS, can you think of anything or anyone that fits this description?


Do negative words or affirmations ever come in to mind from others or even from yourself?


Listen I have had those voices that say I'm not good enough, smart enough, or capable enough.


I still get nervous before I make a video.  I still worry about people not liking what I do.  I still think about how I could have done things better. 


The only difference between now and the girl I was before is that I learned to work with and through all those insecurities & voices.


I learned to keep those moments in check & have better conversations & affirmations with myself.

I simply learned to do. 


Well I'm going to share a secret with you on how you too can Karate Shop those negative words and affirmations into smaller whispers and finally into dust in the wind.


Here are my 5 Super Simple Tips you can use and apply to Slay those negative pesky words and affirmations that keep you from growing.


1. The voices that tell you that you don't have what it takes are a lie.  


It's too bad their pants won't light on fire 🔥 because you wouldn't touch it or get near if you knew it was going to burn you.  Why on earth would you get near such voices & believe them or worse yet take them as your own.  


A simple exercise~ picture such words as a fire, would you get near them to burn yourself  NO, not on purpose anyway.  Remove yourself and affirm your personal reality.  Tell that lie your personal truth, better yet, show it.



2. Thinking is not doing, therefore you can't call it a result. 


The stories in our mind can be deceiving and your job is to create the reality you want to live through action, every single day.


3. Salma Hayek said it best, if you fail so what, if you get it wrong, so what, if you get criticized by yourself or another tell that voice, so what, do it anyway.  


The 💡 light bulb took how many tries? 10,000 so what's from Thomas Edison, 144 so what's from Jack Canfield before publishing.


How many times are you willing to say so what before you reach your goal?


4. Removing yourself from toxic relationships, friendships, people, environments, and even certain family members is not selfish, rude, or mean, it is necessary.  


A healthy you requires a healthy environment. If you are serious about transforming something in your life, the best way to begin is to evaluate your surroundings.  People, places, and things will give you that certain vibe, listen to your body & mind. You can begin by asking these few questions.


1. Am I happy, not temporary as in a night out, but happy for more than one day?


2. Do I feel support, comfort, love, acceptance?


3. Am I able to express myself freely without having to pretend to be someone or something?


4. Do I feel at peace, and can I trust the people around me through the good & the not so good?


Ask yourself better questions, choose better habits surrounded with people rowing and not sinking your boat.


5. If it grows and nourishes you is a YES, if it undermines your expectations, health, present, and future it is a NO.


I want you to think of these simple questions.  


*Would you feed yourself or your child, rotten or expired food?


*Would you tell your kid he will never figure out what happiness and success means to him or her? 

*Would you advice your closest friend, kid, parent, sibling, cousin or even pet to follow something that will undermine their growth at a personal or professional level?


If the answer is NO, than your job is to apply the same principles to yourself, interactions with people, and choices.


It is often so much easier to tell someone what to do or what is best for them without applying it to ourselves.  I want to challenge you to put on that oxygen mask first and than give it to the people you love the most.


People will learn more form what you do far more than from what you have to say, furthermore, you will be experiencing the shift you were looking for in your personal and professional life.


When you know better, you do better.


Grind With Purpose

Create the life you Love and Deserve








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