3 Reasons to calm the F$#% 🤬😱down & why it’s so important.

Monday, November 27, 2017



Hello friends and Family, Happy Monday!  How was your Thanksgiving? 🦃


I hope everyone had a chance to eat plenty, travel safely for those out of state folks going from one area to another, but most importantly, I hope everyone had an opportunity to gather around the table, find something or someone to be thankful for, and let them know how much you appreciate their presence.


I have to talk to you about a subject that seems to creep in from time to time around the holiday season.  It happens in your workplace, at home, on the street, everywhere you turn and every single day your chances of encountering a moment of anxiety, anger, or frustration is bound to creep in.


The frustration of not purchasing that one gift your kids want, the anxiety of not getting somewhere on time, the anger of not getting the latest toy or gadget, how about dealing with angry people on the street?  


What is your first reaction when someone out of frustration cuts you off in line, is rude to you, mean, or says something hurtful?  How about for those of you that have an online business.  

How do you manage those angry trolls or critics and what can you learn from them instead of reacting to them?


So many Holiday Cheers, so many Holiday fears, but then again, you have a choice after all on what side you choose to live and how you react?


That is right my friend, you are in control of the situation, nobody is responsible for how you feel or your reactions for that matter except yourself.  This discovery for me was a process and a huge moment of self-realization and empowerment.  


My first reaction, blame, point a finger, or pass it on to the next person when I came across the idea that I was responsible and not the other way around.  Not perfect little me, they are just mean nasty people, believe me, some were ill-intentioned.




My first reaction eventually turned into my second reaction.  The discovery of wait a minute, I can control the way I feel and react?  No Way? How do I go about this? How do I learn this hocus-pocus?




Into the wow, I am in charge of my life, I master my time and I can choose how to feel regardless of any given circumstance.  I am empowered. 




You, my friends, are more than capable of developing the same habits and the ability to Master your time and become capable of calming the Fudge down so you can make sound decisions when it comes to your business and life.


What if from this point on, you chose to make decisions based on action versus reaction? What if you say Cheers and say bye to your fears!





I am going to give you 3 Ninja Secrets to chill the fudge down like Yoda and become the Master of your fate and not fall victim to your temporary emotional reactions.


If me writing these sentences made you cringe and pucker just a little, or become offended in some form start with Ninja Secret number 1.




Ninja Secret Number 1

You have a choice in the above specific moment for the following sequences. 

Pause, lash out and react.  Pause, take a deep breath and  reconsider. 

You can choose in any moment of anxiety or frustration to be in control or be controlled, it really is up to you.

You want to manage, accept, be objective, or react and possibly make a fool out of yourself?

It really is not up to the other person, place, situation, or thing.  Your actions and reactions are up to you.




Ninja Secret Number 2 

Learn to differentiate between irritable moments versus irritable trolls.  Irritable moments are moments in time when someone has a bad day, they say something offensive or irritating, they don't mean it. End of story. 

Irritable trolls are negative energies.  Their only intention and purpose are to give you a hard time and make an attempt at making your life a little less enjoyable regardless of the outcome.  They really don't care who or what they affect or damage. 

Appreciate both, you will learn from both.  Your job is not to judge, your job is to categorize where they belong and spend the majority of your time in the moments, don't let the trolling suck up your time and energy.  

Ultimately you want to give others the consideration you would want for yourself, nobody is perfect.  However, it makes perfect sense to spend the majority of your time with goal-oriented people, versus the other.  Let the Trolls be your fans.




Ninja Secret Number 3

What someone else says about you is a reflection of themselves.  Hurt people hurt people.  It really is not up to you to convince someone else of your purpose and worth. 

You can try until the end of your life to prove your worth to the wrong person and it will never be enough. Your job is to define your self-worth on your terms and bring your confident fearless self to the forefront.  Had you no fears as a child remember?  You fell over and over and yet one day you walked and eventually you ran.


Life is difficult enough, don't be the reason you don't succeed.  You have but one life, to live, love, enjoy every moment, create, and do.  You deserve your best year just as much as the next person.


Spending the majority of your time on the things that encourage, appreciate, and lift only makes sense.  Don't forget to remember that we are each simply trying to thrive in this game called life.


Create the Life You Love and Deserve.



                 XOXO 💋 












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