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Monday, December 25, 2017



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My free gift to you.


Merry Christmas Friends & Family.

Happy Holidays 🤗🎄


I love Christmas, I have so many good memories from my childhood and traditions we use to follow.🏡


Christmas for us was tamales, hot chocolate, buñuelos, lotería, board games, playing outside, singing, dancing.  It was a month long event.


I still carry some of those traditions to this day & share them with my kids.  


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Traditions are important, they give you a sense of identity and belonging.  They nurture & teach the ways of the old while enjoying the new.  


I want to encourage you to implement one thing in your home that becomes tradition, in our home it’s putting a positive note in a jar.  I can say some days my grown kids wine about it, but they do it anyways.🏡💝  


It’s a way of creating that space and allow them to shift their minds into gratitude & appreciation instead of receiving & expectation.


I also have the tradition of having them place their personal decorations on the tree.  🎄 They have decorations from way back when they were in kindergarten, this allows them to see how far they come & share their memories as they pull out each ornament and place it on the tree.🏡




Christmas is a season for giving, receiving & appreciation.  As a token for my appreciation to you for subscribing, reading & staying connected is this free download. 


I want you to start the Next Year with an open mind and clean perspective.  This free download is a planner so you can begin to fill in the blanks and plan your best year yet.


I want you to live your life intentionally and on purpose.  Yes things happen, the best laid out plans don’t go as planned, it’s happened to me 🙋🏻‍♀️more than once, but guess what, lack of planing is the best way to never achieve anything  at all. 


The trick is to keep going but first you have to know what is it exactly that you are going for.


You can create anything you want and the more you do it, the more it becomes a habit, that turns into a tradition & lifestyle. 🔑🏡


May the Christmas Season bring into your life New Perspectives, ways to finally get the results you always wanted, opportunities, meaningful connections, love, abundance and blessings. 


You have one life, what will your life look like in 12 months?


Let’s start planning & doing.

Enjoy your free gift and happy plannings. 


Create the Life you Love & Deserve 




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                   XOXO 💋






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