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Monday, January 22, 2018




Good morning Friends & Family! 💖


In this week’s block post, I want to share with you  4 Super Simple Strategies to overcome your fears & insecurities in order to begin creating the life you Love & Deserve.🏡💞


When it comes down to overcoming or shifting your mind and focus from inability to ability, it really does come down to strategy.  


Your strategy creates your reality & what you experience.


Your mind is the most powerful content creator & it has the ability to learn any language, mathematical equation, scientific discovery, medical advancement and it can even make future predictions.


If you are not amazed at the ability of your mind I want you to begin to be.


Because what this means for you is that if you are able to learn all those things through strategy & application, imagine the shifts you can begin to create in your life once you realize it’s all about your mindset & strategy. 




It’s not up to your background, history, ethnic or religious preference, education, surroundings, circumstances, past experiences or hardships. 


It’s up to your strategy & mind.


You have the ability to create with thoughts alone and I can tell you from personal experience I was that person. 


I found myself lost, confused, financially & spiritually fractured, unloved, insecure, unable to see past my struggles and circumstances.


I was affirming the things I was no longer enjoying in my life. 


I was telling myself I am lost, confused, financially & spiritually fractured, unloved and on and on it went.


I am not saying that pain, hardship, and struggle are not a reality in your life, what I am saying is that none of these affirmations need to be a permanent baggage to your life.  💼 




I’m going to share with you these 4 Super Simple strategies you can begin to apply to your life and begin to shift your mind into abundance even when you are feeling doubtful.


1.  Become mindful of the limiting beliefs you have set yourself up for.  


I am is a powerful statement for what you choose after that becomes your reality.  Every time an affirmation such as I am unable, not enough, overwhelmed, anxious pops into your mind I want you to follow with a better conversation.  


Example : 


I am unable=I may not be able to figure this out, but I have the resources, time, energy and patience to figure it out and know it’s okay.  I am able to learn & grow from every experience that comes into my life.


I am not enough= I am resourceful, loved, appreciated, thankful and blessed 


I am overwhelmed=I am in rhythm and things will unfold as they should. I can divide my tasks and take the time to work on each task as it comes.  I can let go of the thoughts that say I am overwhelmed and simply choose to take it one step at a time.


I am anxious= I am calm, I take a deep breath & let go of worry & fear as I exhale.  I accept each and every moment as if it was meant to be, not labeled good or bad, not with expectations, each moment is as it is meant to be.  I calmly and simply accept it knowing I can choose calmness and acceptance over anxiety every single time I begin to feel anxiety creep in.




2. Gratitude 


Gratitude is a powerful strategic tool that will shift your mind from not having enough into having exactly what you need in your life.  Gratitude is something I personally practice each & every day.  I am telling you it works from personal experience.  Let me ask you this question.  Do you gravitate towards people who complain all the time or people who seem to be thankful and content?  Do you find yourself complaining more than you find yourself practicing gratitude in your life?  If your answer is yes it’s time to implement a new approach.  Don’t be the reason you miss out on all the beauty already found in your life in this moment because your focus is on not enough.

Gratitude is a very important key factor in your abundance mindset. 




3. Visualization is a powerful strategy to begin shifting your energy, work, focus and body into what you want to receive, create, achieve and experience in your life. 


I want you to write on a piece of paper your financial, spiritual, relationship, self-caring strategies for the next month, months and year.


You can begin by writing one to 4 things you want to create and experience within this month.


Underneath each, I want you to write the strategy you will begin to implement in order to reach your vision. 


The more you call into your life & clarify what you want to achieve the more you begin to shift your mind, focus and actions towards the direction of your vision. 





4.  Be raw & honest with yourself 


You may fool others for a while but you will never be able to fool yourself.  Pretending is not doing, wishing is not doing, wanting to change a person, place or thing is not being accountable for your own thoughts, mind, and strategy.  You have to do it for you.  


Sounds selfish? Trust me, it is not, this is actually the best gift you can give to your partner, family, friends, business and most importantly your mind and yourself.  


Be raw and honest about your mistakes & reap the benefits of the lessons, be raw and honest with people so that you may expect to receive the same return, 

Be raw and honest if you are sabotaging your own growth, be patient with yourself & begin to take action steps to live intentionally.




I don’t want you to focus on winning or losing, remember this is about creating a path that allows your mind to focus on progress and growth. 


Learn to see life through your own eyes, not through the lens of others.




You were born a chooser not someone that needs to live, defeated, ashamed, sad or depressed.


Your circumstances and surroundings are the lenses, your mind, however, contains the strategies necessary to learn, apply, think, process and create the reality you want to experience and live.


Last but not least I want to leave you with this great quote from the great Buddha himself, it was one of the most eye-opening quotes I can share with you when it comes to filtering out thoughts and words and only allowing affirmations and information that into your subconscious and conscious mind that will lead you into your higher purpose and perspective.


"I am not what you think I am, you are what you think I am."



Once you overcome the struggles of the mind, you can upgrade and enjoy the abundance of life.  Focus on what serves and grows you. 




It’s time to live and lead your best life, your future is waiting. 😉


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     Create the Life You Love & Deserve



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