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Monday, February 19, 2018

Good Morning Friends & Family!💞

This week’s blog is about getting rid of stinking thinking.


It’s about how your thoughts can either stop you or propel you to become resourceful.


Resourceful is what you want in your life.  Resourcefulness is about enjoying a snowball fight ❄️ ⛄️ sledding 🛷 or putting on a coat🧥 versus always complaining about how cold it gets.


Resourcefulness is about dancing 💃🏻 🕺 in the rain knowing it grows flowers, strengthens the roots of a tree and gives life.


Resourcefulness is about figuring out that life will throw you a curve ball in the most unexpected of times but know that it does not matter because what matters most in your life is what you put your focus on and that is exactly what this week’s post is about.


The meaning you put into each thought that comes into your mind will make the difference.  


I want to challenge you to put your focus & attention to the thoughts that matter and mean the most to you and not labeling things as bad or good.  


I want to challenge you instead to become aware of how each thought makes you feel, what you are creating, what meaning you are giving and make the decision to separate each though as serving you or hindering you.


It is a form of sorting out your laundry but instead, you are sorting out what works and what does not in your mind.




You will remember and react more through meaning and emotion than you may react from analysis, factual information, and what is possible.


Maya Angelou said it best, people may forget what you said, what you did, but not how you made them feel. 


We are emotional creatures and we tend to seek or avoid scenarios depending on how we feel, this is good when we are using our past experiences as a reference.  When we begin to utilize past experiences as the determining factor to a present experience that's when it becomes a problem.  This is the moment we lack awareness and give our power away to fear and doubt.


Stinking thinking is the vacuum of your potential and not in a good way.



It directs your focus to all that is not or creates anxiety from scenarios that have yet to happen.


It can keep you from reaching your goals in all you do or from creating the Vision you see for yourself.  It prevents you from taking action and achieving your potential.  


It's like the sinkhole you don't want to stay in.


It’s that little voice that doubts and questions your every move, it’s the bug that says you are not ready, good enough, smart enough, worthy or capable. It prevents you from realizing that hardships are an opportunity for you to become resourceful and allows you to push the boundaries to figure out what is purposeful to you. 


Sinkholes are not all that bad, they can build your strength, show you a different route, teach you lessons you may need to learn, and if you choose to apply them, it may eventually be something you are thankful for.





The pain you feel grows your muscle during physical activities the same scenario plays true for EQ or emotional intelligence.  The meaning you give your pain will define your outcome resourceful or roadblock.  It’s up to you to figure out the meaning. 


It really is not up to anyone else but yourself to ultimately define your thoughts, what they mean to you. 


I want to challenge you to challenge your thoughts, it comes down to what you believe of yourself and not so much what others believe of you.  


Stinking thinking is a choice, but so is believing in yourself.


Create the Life you Love and Deserve. 

Sending Love, Good Thoughts, Abundance and Blessings your Way.


                      XOXO <3 



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