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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Happy Saturday Friends & Family!💞☕️


How are your goals for the year working out?  


New Year’s resolutions always begin with the best of intentions and very few continue with the ability to follow through.

That was me, after a few days of creating the best plans and resolutions only to get derailed by Shitaky and life in general because you know, life happens.


Today’s post is going to be about the follow through, how do you deal with those moments when life throws you a monkey wrench, you feel uninspired, or something simply does not work out as expected? 💡 



Well this week’s post is exactly about that, how to handle those moments when you begin to feel overwhelmed or when something happens in your plan of action to divert your ability to stay on course.


It is no secret that breaking BIG goals into smaller tasks makes a huge difference.  It can be the difference between you being able to achieve your goals or feeling overwhelmed and incapable of meeting your  personal expectations.


I’m going to review the strategies I personally use when life does not go according to plan, because yes it happens to me too 🙋🏻‍♀️


So without further due, here they are.


~Evaluate your deadlines, are they reasonable?


If not it’s time to tweek & give yourself an extension to better plan so you continue with your goals.  The secret is to change your approach not your desired outcome.


~If life happens say I have a family emergency, I get sick, the car breaks down, you know there’s always something. By the way this happened in the last two weeks 😱 yes all o these things and some.


 I like to take that time to pause and reflect.  Life gives clues and I prioritize my family.  This for me is always a clue to slow down, take care of family or my home & surroundings.  I am a true believer of creating a living without forgetting to create a life and caring for family.  It’s okay to step away from projects even if for a day or two.  TLC for myself or family is never something I can say I have regretted to do.


~overwhelmed? Step away from it all.


I mean it, step away from everything including your phone. I love a good walk in the park, a moment of silence & detachment, yoga, exercise, a massage, there’s nothing like  activities that ground you, relax you and pamper your wellness. 

I can assure you my best work has developed when I’m in the zone, free of worries, present and in the moment & that only comes from taking the time to distress & refocus.


~Try something new


Read material that inspires, go out with your friends, travel to a location you have not visited before.  A new environment is an excellent way to boost your creativity and get you out of a rut. 


~fitness goals


These are a biggie especially for people with unpredictable schedules like mine. Solution, keep track & remind yourself, it’s a marathon not a sprint.  Track your meals, make better food choices, exercise & remind yourself you will be at a better place than you were a year ago if you simply choose to continue to stay on track.


~Monthly Checks 


Monthly checks is something I use not only to see my monthly progress financially, emotionally, work related, personal, professional, fitness, I use it to also evaluate how far I have come in each and all of these areas.  

If I feel I need to improve in a particular area I simply make changes to meet those needs. 


Monthly checks are also a momemt for me to pause, celebrate and write down what worked out this month that can be applied to the coming months, because why change what works right?


These approaches are something you can begin to apply to your life as you create, plan & implement what you wish to create.


It is something that has allowed me to get myself out of debt, save money, create meaningful relationships, take care of my family, meet expectations at Work, write a book, and enjoy life.


You shouldn’t have to pay bills and die.  You too can begin to create the life you Love & Deserve with the proper Goals & Strategies to get you there.


To your amazing Day 







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